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Adoption & Pet Profiles - Pictures & profiles of animals awaiting adoption. (Updated daily)

Education -  How to Properly Introduce New Pets. Why you should NEVER buy an animal from a Pet store! Crate training tips and the increase of Pet Theft in our own backyards!

Our Dog and Cat Adoption Success Stories - Stories and Pictures of our Animal Shelter Success Stories.

Homebound HoundsWhy our shelter is rescuing puppies and dogs from Virginia and Tenessee and how you can help.

SOS (Save Our Sato) Program -  Traveling to Puerto Rico? You can help! and - Why our shelter is rescuing dogs and puppies from Puerto Rico.

Giving up your Dog, Cat or Small Pet -  What to do if you can no longer keep your pet. Important information!

About Animal Shelter Inc - History, Mission, Contact Information, Hours of Operation, Directions, etc...  

Tax Deductible Donations - We need your support, you can make a difference. 124 simple and easy things YOU or YOUR group can do to help our shelter.

Animal Shelter Volunteers - We need dedicated volunteers to help our animal Shelter.

Animal Shelter Mailing List - Sign up so we can send you our newsletters

Links - Other websites related to animals.

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